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Born and raised in Canada, Darcy Bergen is the son of missionaries. Prior to moving back to Canada for high school and college, Bergen also spent his formative years living in Malaysia and New Zealand. He was the team captain and a great wrestler in high school, winning three provincial titles.

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Financial Success
June 14, 2024

Mastering Social Security: Your Essential Guide to Planning and Strategy

Social Security remains vital to many Americans’ retirement plans, yet its rules and options can be overwhelmingly complex. This guide aims to demystify Social Security, providing clear, actionable advice to help you make informed decisions and maximize your retirement benefits. Overview of Social Security Social Security provides financial assistance to retired workers, disabled individuals, and […]

Navigating Your Financial Landscape: Essential Money Management Skills
May 18, 2024

Navigating Your Financial Landscape: Essential Money Management Skills

Money management is a fundamental aspect of personal finance that everyone should prioritize. Whether you’re just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, solid money management skills are crucial for achieving financial stability and success. This article will explore key strategies and practices to help you master your finances effectively. Budgeting Basics At the […]

Navigating Your Financial Landscape: Essential Money Management Skills
April 26, 2024

Fortune’s Compass: Navigating Personal Finances with Finesse

In the tumultuous sea of personal finance, many find themselves adrift without a compass. Yet, with the right strategies and mindset, you can steer your financial ship toward calmer waters and chart a course toward prosperity. In this guide, we’ll explore practical tips and insights to help you master the art of personal money management […]

February 20, 2024

Understanding the Roth Conversion 5-Year Rule

The Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) offers tax advantages that can significantly benefit retirement savers. One key aspect of Roth IRAs is converting funds from a traditional IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan into a Roth IRA. This process, known as a Roth conversion, can provide tax diversification and potential long-term savings benefits. However, there are […]

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