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Darcy Bergen grew up in Canada and moved to New Zealand with my parents for 4 years. My father started a church there. I then went to boarding school in Malaysia for 8th grade. Then back to Canada for high school and college. Regina, Saskatchewan. I was the captain of the wrestling team in high school and was provincial champion 3 times. At age 21 started in the life insurance business and then graduated into the investment business at age 24. Did that until 2000 and moved to Phoenix in the summer of 2000. Got back into financial planning in 2003 and became a fiduciary (licenses 65) in 2015. I started Clear Solutions LLC, DBA Bergen Financial Group in 2003, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013. Was in the top 20 advisors in sales with Midland National life annuity division. Started www.bergensmission.com in 2008 after my parents were brutally attacked by 7 Kenyans while living in Kenya doing missions such as orphanages, drilling water, etc. Currently running Bergen Financial with 6 staff and 8 advisors. Currently writing a retirement book. Finished 4 years on radio co-hosting with my wife: safe money and income with Darcy and heather Bergen.

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Bergens Mission Aids Families in Kenya
March 1, 2021

Darcy Bergen Explains How Bergens Mission Aids Families in Kenya

Philanthropist Darcy Bergen recently explained how Bergens Mission aids families across Kenya.   Bergen’s Mission was founded out of necessity. In 2008, a band of men broke into a farm in rural Kenya and brutally attacked the two volunteers living there. The couple had recently arrived in the village from Canada and planned to do […]

What You Should Be Doing In Your 40s According To Financial Planner
March 1, 2021

Setting Yourself Up For A Comfortable Retirement: What You Should Be Doing In Your 40s According To Financial Planner Darcy Bergen

Darcy Bergen Shares The Money Moves You Need To Make Today   In your 40s, the thought of retirement gets exciting. Suddenly, it’s not so far away anymore, and you want to make sure that you’re fully prepared to enjoy your golden years. In today’s complicated financial landscape, it can be tough to know whether […]

Darcy Bergen Financial Portfolio
March 1, 2021

Darcy Bergen Discusses the Benefits of Annuities for Building a Financial Portfolio

It Is Important To Diversify a Financial Portfolio, and Darcy Bergen Is Here To Discuss the Benefits of Annuities   In today’s era, anyone looking to build a financial portfolio has to make sure that they diversify their interests. In addition to thinking about stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, it is also important for people […]

February 1, 2021

Financial Advisor Darcy Bergen Explains What To Do In Your Forties To Prepare For Retirement

Darcy Bergen Explains How To Set Yourself Up For Success When you’re in your forties, retirement is approaching quickly. This is the time to start planning so that you’re ready to enjoy yourself in retirement, rather than worry about your finances. Financial advisor Darcy Bergen is sharing his top tips for people in their forties […]

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