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Born and raised in Canada, Darcy Bergen is the son of missionaries. Prior to moving back to Canada for high school and college, Bergen also spent his formative years living in Malaysia and New Zealand. He was the team captain and a great wrestler in high school, winning three provincial titles.

History of Darcy Bergen's Career

In his early twenties, Bergen started working in the insurance industry. He relocated to Phoenix in 2000, and in 2003 he started working in the financial planning industry. Bergen was a six-time Midland National life annuity division top-20 sales adviser between 2013 and 2018. Bergen became a fiduciary in 2015 (exam 65). He holds certification as a financial advisor for retirement.

In 2003, Bergen established Clear Solutions for Seniors, LLC, and in 2004, he established Bergen Financial. Today he shares his more than 30 years of financial industry experience with a group of eight advisers and six other staff members. Today, Bergen Financial has offices in Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Spokane, Washington, in addition to its headquarters in Peoria, Arizona.

Bergen's Generosity

Bergen's parents were working as missionaries, constructing orphanages, digging wells, and performing other humanitarian tasks in Kenya in 2008. Unfortunately, the Bergens were savagely assaulted by seven locals. Thankfully, both made it through. Darcy Bergen founded Bergens Mission in 2014 in an effort to transform the terrifying experience into something constructive. The nonprofit organization supports orphans around the nation and promotes the growth of the entire area. In order to keep young people from choosing a path that leads to violence, Bergen believes that the foundation will assist in educating and providing for Kenyan youngsters.

Darcy Bergen is a teacher

Bergen is passionate about sharing his knowledge of financial planning with others. According to him, customers should only use financial items they fully comprehend. He recently wrapped up four years as the co-host of the well-liked radio show Safe Money and Income with his wife, Heather. He also teaches retirement planning courses at nearby institutions. In his book on retirement planning, Bergen discusses social security and risk management.

Bergen mostly focuses on retirement preparation. However, he is aware of how crucial it is to impart sound financial practices to the coming generation. Bergen advises parents to enroll their children in school as soon as possible. Even very young kids may get money through chores, and parents can use this to educate them that effort earns money, and that money buys toys and other things they want to buy. Young children can learn how to save up for the things they want.

According to Bergen, there are more possibilities for parents to teach their kids about wise financial management as they grow into tweens and teenagers. The majority of teens are able to comprehend the idea of debt, the cost of living, credit cards, interest calculations, and the parts of a paycheck. Teenagers with part-time employment might observe how teachings from childhood are applied in the actual world. According to Bergen, children who learn about good financial planning at a young age become more financially responsible adults.

Planner for retirement Darcy Bergen

Bergen's method is cautious and aims to produce a lifetime income guarantee. He works with customers to find fixed annuity alternatives that would shield their capital from the ups and downs of the stock market. The market's constant ups and downs can make individuals anxious as they approach retirement, and Bergen is aware of this. The goal of Bergen's group is to reduce these stresses by providing the right direction and information. His team has more than 100 years of combined expertise working with customers to create a unique and tailored retirement plan.

Bergen guides individuals achieve a safe retirement via a four-step methodology

The process of figuring out how customers want their retirement to look, their objectives, and how much money they'll need to make those plans a reality is known as personalized discovery.

The creation of a strategy outlines the specific actions clients must take to live their ideal retirement.

Implementation entails creating accounts and understanding how to keep track of their development.

Quarterly account checks and annual meetings with a financial expert are part of monitoring.

As customers go through these processes, they should think about all of their retirement income sources, how they'll pay for their healthcare, and their expected living costs. Bergen Financial is an independent organization, so the staff may present a variety of solutions rather than only those from a single supplier. Instead of acting in the best interests of a large organization, Bergen strives to provide the finest service possible to each client individually.


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