Darcy Bergen Highlights Bonds and Publicly Traded Stocks Retirees Should Consider

Darcy Bergen

November 11, 2020

Darcy Bergen is a financial professional who has helped retirees manage their retirement portfolios and stay consistently healthy financially. The details of the importance of bonds and securities are critical for any retiree to understand as they can often provide them the best chance of obtaining greater financial security as they age. 

Darcy Bergen Examines the Importance of Bonds and Investments 

As a financial advisor with years of experience helping retirees, Darcy Bergen fully understands the different ways that retirees can enhance their portfolio and retire successfully. He believes that it is essential that seniors of all ages understand the different ways that they can retire with confidence and believes that bonds provide one of the best methods for this purpose. 

He also believes that retirees should seek out bonds and securities as a way of avoiding late-life work situations. Darcy Bergen says that too many seniors are forced to work well past their ideal retirement age due to the lack of proper planning. This situation can pop up, Darcy Bergen says, and leave a senior with no choice but work. 

A Few Bonds Darcy Bergen Suggests for Retirees

Over the years, Darcy Bergen has examined many different bonds and found several that work well for retirees. For example, PZA offers what is known as the Invesco National AMT-Free Muni Bond. He finds that this bond is one of the most consistently productive and stable options available. Though it matures a little longer than others, it has a yield of 2.7 percent. 

Another bond that Darcy Bergen suggests is the Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond. This option provides over 2,000 different securities and can have very high returns – sometimes as significant as eight percent. Darcy Bergen states that such gains are perhaps not always going to occur for seniors, but getting even a 5-7 percent return is an excellent option for those buying bonds of this type. 

Lastly, Darcy Bergen states that the Nuveen Select Tax-Free Income Portfolio is another option for retirees. It does have a little more market volatility, he warns, but getting 3.5 percent return tax-free is a significant benefit. Too many seniors struggle with taxes later in life, Darcy Bergen says, and this option helps to make the transition to retirement that much easier.

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