Darcy Bergen Explains How Bergens Mission Aids Families in Kenya

Darcy Bergen

March 1, 2021

Bergens Mission Aids Families in Kenya

Philanthropist Darcy Bergen recently explained how Bergens Mission aids families across Kenya.


Bergen’s Mission was founded out of necessity. In 2008, a band of men broke into a farm in rural Kenya and brutally attacked the two volunteers living there. The couple had recently arrived in the village from Canada and planned to do missionary work for Kenyan orphans. This evening, they were very nearly beaten to death. John and Eloise Bergen were the ones attacked that evening, and this is what sparked their son Darcy Bergen to Bergens Mission organization.


Darcy Bergen explained that after the attack, his mother, Eloise Bergen was able to carry his father out of the bushes and into a vehicle to lead him to safety. She drove him to the hospital, and the couple both made a miraculous recovery. However, Darcy Bergen explained that what may be even more miraculous is his parents’ ability to heal, forgive, and continue on their mission to aid Kenyans in need.


“The fact that my parents are able to forgive their attackers is what drove me to create this foundation,” Darcy Bergen said. “In Jesus’ name, my mother and father were able to forgive each and every person who attacked them, including the guards who failed to protect them.”


Darcy Bergen is the president of Bergen Financial Group in Phoenix, AZ. However, he dedicates much of his time outside of work to serve as the treasurer of his Bergens Mission foundation. Despite what occurred that fateful night in Kenya, Darcy Bergen continuously works to support Kenyans through outreach work.


“Right now, we’ve been providing essential supplies to orphanages across Kenya,” Darcy Bergen said. “However, we also work to support the overall development of the region.”


Darcy Bergen explained that Bergens Mission continues to have a goal of improving the lives of Kenyans and Kenyan children. The goal is to provide them with the resources they need to receive an education and not follow the path that those attackers followed that day. Through improving the lives of Kenyan children and adults, Darcy Bergen and Bergens Mission are showing that forgiveness is an essential part of healing and that philanthropy is one of the best ways to improve society.


Darcy Bergen finished by stating that donations can be made on BergensMission.com as well as through purchasing the book chronicling the Bergens’ story, Forgiveness in the Face of Terror.